Ventilation can greatly improve thermal performance and reduce the need of mechanical cooling

Encouraging ventilation is an important aspect of passive cooling in a home. At Energy Rating Perth, our clients are always complaining of high electrical bills due to their cooling load. An energy assessment done by our energy assessors has usually resulted in the conclusion that the building is experiencing inadequate ventilation. Ventilation whether mechanical or

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How to remedy and prevent a building from overheating in the summers

Our clients at Energy Rating Perth that either live in an older building or have been subject to poor construction practices may find their building underperforming in the summers and overheating. This is evident from the indoor discomfort and the sky rocketing high electrical bills running those energy hungry air conditioners. The following steps can

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LED Technology

It’s pasted all over the energy efficiency world that in this modern age LED’s are the way to go but does anyone go into detail about this technology? Let's look further into this design and see what we can discover. LED’s can have a lifespan of up to around 20 years and are becoming more

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Apple’s Green Project!

Apple is one of the leading suppliers of technology in the world, everyone knows their name and their products. So if you imagine how big their company is worldwide, you can imagine their carbon footprint affecting our environment, right? Wrong. Apple is striving to use 100% renewable energy! They are creating new solar projects to

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Lightbulb Efficiency!

At Energy Rating Perth, our energy assessors give our clients simple tips on improving the energy efficiency of their home. Lighting generates 12% of your home electricity bills and up to 25% in the workplace. Since lighting accounts for a major portion of a home’s energy usage, one of the most obvious steps is to

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The great debate of hand wash or dishwasher

The universal argument over using the automatic dishwasher versus hand washing dishes has been going on since the production of dishwashers. The energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth can provide a few answers: Studies over the years have shown that when used effectively and efficiently dishwashers can actually use almost a third less water than

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Cool down your house this summer!

What’s the first thing you think of when you are hit with a hot summer day? Air-conditioning. Although it provides so much pleasure to your home environment, it’s not so nice on the electricity bills. Follow these tips from our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth to provide a more cost effective way to be

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Green Substitutes for Energy Efficiency

The energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth are always recommending ways to improve energy efficiency for our clients and homeowners. But what if we could tell you that it’s possible to make your home almost completely self-sustaining with the use of green technology. This is beneficial for your carbon footprint and your electricity bills. Solar:

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What is the building envelope? How does it affect your energy star rating?

Energy assessors usually take common terms we use every day for granted when explaining the energy star rating to our clients at Energy Rating Perth. One such term is building envelope which is used often enough but rarely ever understood.   The building envelope is a shell that encapsulates an interior conditioned space. It is

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