Today our energy assessors talk about the importance of restricting your water usage. In the recent years, the government and water corporations have pushed to educate the communities on the smart use of their water habits. Drought has come over part of Australia and we need the implementation of water restrictions to ensure a dependable and healthy water source for the future. State and Territory governments have set water restriction levels and the metropolitan or regional water authorities are responsible in implementing these stages.

Some methods to these plans include water systems that are inefficient may be banned, set times to water your vegetation, handheld hoses will need trigger nozzles installed and not using tap water to wash your driveways or paths. Depending on the amount of rainfall within your area will determine the restrictions and guidelines applied. Generally, you will find the restrictions are seasonal due to the low rainfall within summer, higher restrictions must take place to ensure a strong water flow for the future.

There are penalties in place if you don’t implement these restrictions, so applying these to your daily habits and ensuring you are aware of the current restrictions is a must. There are some general restrictions that generally apply at any stage:

  • Set times to water your garden.
  • The restrictions of washing external home structures or areas
  • Washing vehicles and objects on your grassed areas, not on pavement or concrete etc.
  • The method of bucket and sponge use, rather than your hose or pressure nozzles
  • Restricting the use of water to fill up your spa or pool. You may need to apply for this or purchase external water sources.

So to ensure we are all working towards a better future, keep up to date on the current water stage within your community. For more information contact our friendly energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth today!