The universal argument over using the automatic dishwasher versus hand washing dishes has been going on since the production of dishwashers. The energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth can provide a few answers:

Studies over the years have shown that when used effectively and efficiently dishwashers can actually use almost a third less water than handwashing. But when you also take into account personal dishwashing habits, amount of dishes, age and energy rating of the appliances and even the home energy source, as these can influence the outcome.

But no matter how hard everyone debates, it seems that hand washing can’t beat the newest models of dishwashers available on the market today. Not only are they more efficient in terms of energy, water usage and detergent usage but it’s proved that they also do a better job! Cleanliness and hygiene is why we do this chore in the first place.

Our energy assessors recommend these tips to wash greener:

  1. Always ensure you purchase an eco-friendly rated appliance,
  2. Always ensure you have a full dish load before starting a cycle and run on a light cycle with no heated drying option,
  3. Save the bigger and harmful objects for handwashing, like pots and plastic containers,
  4. Choose a environmentally friendly dish washing detergent to use in you washer; and
  5. Clean your machine regularly.

So it looks like dishwashers win this round. Call our friendly energy assessors today for more information!