As energy assessors, we are able to understand the implications of building design and construction practices in determining the energy rating of a home and how efficient it may be in conserving energy. However, the general public may find it hard to grasp the complexities and may be confused by the conflicting reviews they might read about saving energy. At Energy Rating Perth, we take the complexity out and compiled a simple list of top tips that help the average home owner in saving on energy for your home. They are as follows:

  1. The most heat exchange occurs through our roof and eventually our ceilings. Your biggest saviour against harsh exterior temperatures can be your ceiling insulation. Get it insulated today and it will make a big difference to reduce your heating/cooling loads.
  2. Using energy efficient globes can save up to 75% of your lighting costs. Lighting makes up about 10% of your home energy bills and the use of LED lighting can dramatically reduce the annual cost of lighting your home.
  3. Ensure rooms can be separated by doors and windows. Keep openings shut for sleeping spaces during the day or when you’re not using those areas and this will maintain a consistent temperature in the living areas that you do use during the day. This will have a significant drop in your heating/cooling loads.
  4. Switch off your gadgets that you are not using. Up to 10% of your energy can be used by gadgets that are not being used and operating on standby mode. Switch them off at the wall socket and save!
  5. Alternate between hold and cold washes in your washing machine. Drop to an average of 3 cold loads per week and save.
  6. Use your microwave or toaster instead of your oven. What the oven does in an hour, can be done in 15 minutes by your microwave.
  7. Increase your fridge temperature by 2 or 3 degrees. Your fridge operates constantly, making it the most costly appliance to run. Not a big change, for a small difference to your bills.
  8. Buy energy efficient appliances. Always check their ratings before you purchase!
  9. Have your next 6 star, DTS or Part J energy assessment carried out by Energy Rating Perth.

At Energy Rating Perth we can offer comprehensive advice on how to improve the thermal performance of your home, reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint. If you would like further information beyond these tips, contact one of the energy assessors today at Energy Rating Perth for a consultation!