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What is a 6 Star Energy Rating?

Energy Rating Perth comprises of a team of energy assessors who can greatly aid in improving the thermal performance and energy efficiency of your home. The energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth would like to inform our readers that back in January 2003, new energy efficiency measures were introduced for houses into the Building Code of Australia (BCA). An energy rating system was introduced in which a house energy rating is out of 10 stars. This energy rating is a summary of a buildings thermal performance for heating and cooling requirements in residential homes. It applies to the design of the building envelope – roof, walls, windows and floors. At Energy Rating Perth, we use the latest energy rating software which is accredited by NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) to model your building against several variables. This will assess the thermal performance of the building envelope and the efficiency of the dwelling to maintain an internal thermal comfort with a reduced heating and/or cooling load. Energy Rating Perth devises the optimum energy performance for your dwelling whilst keeping the climate zone’s considerations in mind at every step of the energy rating process.

The team at Energy Rating Perth will work closely with your building designers to ensure that the design of the house does not step outside your vision for a home. The energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth will ensure optimum orientation and siting of the house on your block while keeping climate, context and topography in consideration. The aim is to create an efficient building envelope with improved thermal performance in terms of insulation while taking into account provisions for air leakages and how to avoid them. Our energy assessors have extensive understanding of suitable window and glazing types. We will also design your window type, placement and shading requirements. We will help you use the sun to heat and cool and your house while reducing the need for mechanical heating and cooling. The energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth will also recommend the materials to be used as well as roof colour to attain the best possible energy rating for Perth.

By achieving an energy efficient home, our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth can assure you that a 6-star house will also provide savings on electricity bills due to the lower consumption of energy; about 20-25% less than a 5 star rated house.