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Help reduce carbon pollution!

At Energy Rating Perth, we aim to educate our clients on how to reduce environmental pollution. Carbon dioxide, methane oil, fluorinated gases, and nitrous oxide are all causes of carbon pollution, which is the biggest contributor to climate change. 84% of carbon pollution is caused from carbon dioxide alone. These fuels are used on a

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Condensation. Causes and prevention?

Older buildings which may have a poor design or craftsmanship, with inadequate insulation, can result in a faulty building envelope that does not perform well with today’s energy efficiency requirements. Even for newer builds, most of our clients at Energy Rating Perth feel like once they have achieved a 6 Star energy rating, their building

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Worldwide Energy Efficiency Benefits

Our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth constantly talk about the benefits of adopting energy efficient methods to save within the home and office environment and on your electricity bills, but it goes beyond just your personal home benefits. Worldwide advancements and the push for a greener environment are happening on a daily basis. So

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What is the building envelope? How does it affect your energy star rating?

Energy assessors usually take common terms we use every day for granted when explaining the energy star rating to our clients at Energy Rating Perth. One such term is building envelope which is used often enough but rarely ever understood.   The building envelope is a shell that encapsulates an interior conditioned space. It is

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A makeover for your solar panels!

Our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth are constantly furthering their research into the advancements of energy technology and today they look into something quite astonishing. What would you say if you were told you could give your solar panels a makeover? Don’t like the look of the big board’s laying across your home roof,

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What is an Energy Assessor?

With terms like energy efficiency, sustainable living, green homes etc. becoming frequent words in our vocabulary, most of our readers rarely understand how easy it is for their buildings to achieve these. The face behind these words is that of an energy assessor. An energy assessor is a professional who assesses residences and commercial buildings

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Water rating for appliances!

Long term, using water efficient equipment and appliances can save you dramatically. Washing machines, dishwashers, toilets and showers use the most water within the standard home. Industry professionals state that by using water-efficient methods, Australians could save more than $1 billion on water and energy bills by 2021. About 25% of this saving will be

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