Our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth are constantly furthering their research into the advancements of energy technology and today they look into something quite astonishing. What would you say if you were told you could give your solar panels a makeover? Don’t like the look of the big board’s laying across your home roof, well now there’s a resolution for that.

Introducing “Solar Skins”, a new development that became available to residential homes in 2016 that can make your solar panels aesthetically pleasing. Produced by 2 gentlemen, they one day asked themselves “What would the world look like if solar energy were truly beautiful?” and from then on, they set out to create something amazing.

This production is a form of material that can be printed with any design and is applied to the solar panel like a layer of clothing. You could even have your face applied to the material and put it on your roof! What is best about this is it doesn’t affect the efficiency in any way. It is an extremely lightweight material which still allows complete light filtration.

It’s only onwards and upwards from here with energy technology advancements happening worldwide. Contact our friendly energy assessors today to find out more information!