At Energy Rating Perth, we aim to educate our clients on how to reduce environmental pollution. Carbon dioxide, methane oil, fluorinated gases, and nitrous oxide are all causes of carbon pollution, which is the biggest contributor to climate change. 84% of carbon pollution is caused from carbon dioxide alone. These fuels are used on a daily basis by the majority of all people within Australia just to complete simple tasks like cooking, driving, temperature control in our homes and using the TV and internet.

See some recommendations below from our energy assessors on how to help your environment:

  1. As mentioned previously, carbon dioxide is the leading contributor to the pollution problem we face. So it’s as simple as reducing your driving time to minimal. Start by working out your route to create a shorter trip, don’t idle your car when waiting for passengers and walk as much as you can. It’s better for your body and the environment. If possible, find a job closer to your home or a job within biking distance.
  2. Replace your older style incandescent bulbs with newer model fluorescent or LED bulbs. They save on the electricity bill, last longer and are a huge benefit to eliminating carbon dioxide emissions.
  3. Vegetation in the environment absorbs carbon emissions and produces oxygen. So the more trees and plants around your home, the better for everyone. Start with a simple fruit and vegetable garden!
  4. Last but definitely not least, RECYCLE! The environment benefits greatly by the use of recycling products. Change your shopping bags to utilize reusable bags, recycle your household’s products as much as possible, using reusable water bottles instead of dispensable plastic bottles. Compost your vegetable scraps and garden waste. The possibilities are endless!

For more information on how you can help the environment, give our friendly energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth a call today!