Our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth constantly talk about the benefits of adopting energy efficient methods to save within the home and office environment and on your electricity bills, but it goes beyond just your personal home benefits. Worldwide advancements and the push for a greener environment are happening on a daily basis. So let’s talk about the benefits energy efficiency methods are producing worldwide.

Obviously the biggest advantage is the effect on the environment. Studies have shown that there is a 56% less energy use per year within the US and a decrease of 1.1 gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions annually in the recent years.

Another clear winner is the financials, with the economy saving over $500 billion a year due to converting to energy efficient systems and methods. With the advancement of technology and the use of energy efficient systems being installed this is helping our ever struggling job market, with hundreds of thousands of jobs being created within the industry to keep up with the growing trend.

Many are taking the step towards simple methods to make our homes and workplace more energy efficient, by doing this we are creating a more comfortable lifestyle for all. Our homes and offices are developing and therefore our constant surroundings are more pleasant than ever. If you have a comfortable lifestyle, you have a happier lifestyle and I don’t think it can get better then a boost of happiness for our community.

So if we have a wider perspective on the benefits of energy efficiency we begin to realise how these smaller steps we can take as individuals can positively affect the world we live in. Contact us at  Energy Rating Perth to make a step towards a better environment!