What’s the first thing you think of when you are hit with a hot summer day? Air-conditioning. Although it provides so much pleasure to your home environment, it’s not so nice on the electricity bills. Follow these tips from our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth to provide a more cost effective way to be comfortable this summer:

  1. Cover your windows! It’s a simple option and there’s not much outlay to provide a sufficient cover. This will help to dull the heat of summer and keep that sun from shining through. The windows form a thin barrier against the scorching temperatures from outside so get them covered up and save.
  2. Insulation! This is one of the more vital factors when being serious about reducing energy costs. If you don’t insulate your home, you could be losing valuable air that you’re paying expensive money to keep cool. Insulation can be fast and affordable to install, so take a look into this as an option for keeping your home cool.
  3. Update your appliances! Older model air conditioners can use a lot of extra energy these days to run. Try updating to a newer and more energy efficient model that’s available on the market today.

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