Previously our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth we have mentioned the use of insulation and how it’s one of the most important ways to keep your energy costs down. So follow our 3 tips to choose the right company!

    1. Communication is the key. You want a company that not only listens to you but can visualise your short and long term energy and liveable needs.


    1. Choosing a company that can supply various forms of insulation and provide you with the best fit. Can they provide you with a vast range of information including the proper application of each type? If they are well educated on all types, then they can advise you on the proper choices and recommendations to suit your development.


    1. All contractors should respect your home and maintain the buildings integrity. Just because a new system is being installed doesn’t mean existing systems should be damaged. Your home should be left clean and free of damage.


For more information on your home insulations requirements contact one of the friendly energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth today!