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What is Passive Building Design?

At Energy Rating Perth, we believe in including energy efficient building design methods into the building design in its early stages. Passive building design refers to designing a building that is not only in accordance but takes advantage of the climate it is placed in. Using passive design and passive solar design tactics can greatly

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How to remedy and prevent a building from overheating in the summers

Our clients at Energy Rating Perth that either live in an older building or have been subject to poor construction practices may find their building underperforming in the summers and overheating. This is evident from the indoor discomfort and the sky rocketing high electrical bills running those energy hungry air conditioners. The following steps can

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LED Technology

It’s pasted all over the energy efficiency world that in this modern age LED’s are the way to go but does anyone go into detail about this technology? Let's look further into this design and see what we can discover. LED’s can have a lifespan of up to around 20 years and are becoming more

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How can your lawn help improve the thermal comfort of your home?

At Energy Rating Perth, we aim to provide clients with every probable solution to help improve the thermal performance of their homes.  A large number of clients at Energy Rating Perth might not recognise the importance of landscaping and the ability of your home to achieve thermal comfort. Trees can provide shading on the walls

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Avoid underperforming insulation at all costs!

At Energy Rating Perth, we go beyond simply completing a 6 star energy rating, we can give advice on how to ensure that you avoid building defects that can be an expensive exercise to rectify. Ensuring an efficient building envelope is key to a thermally stable home. Insulation can give your home the thermal resistance

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How much can you really save?

Our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth want to inform our clients about how simple changes around your home can help you can save on your electricity bills. These minor changes may seem trivial and you may not think twice after they are made, but just so you can see the savings you would be

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Glazing, Window Assemblies and Thermal Performance

At Energy Rating Perth we always inform designers and our clients that the key factor for energy efficient glazing is the window size and correct orientation. A designer must be mindful to ensure the window sizes are not too large to allow unnecessary heat gain and neither too small to allow not enough heat gain

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Glazing Types and Window Treatments and Their Impact on Thermal Performance

While most energy assessors will quickly jump to the most obvious solution to improve the energy rating of your home, the energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth offer advice that includes several alternative solutions that can help achieve the same object at a lower cost. Several glass types and window Treatments can help improve your

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What is the thermal bridging? How does it affect your energy star rating?

At Energy Rating Perth, we aim to educate our clients on small errors that may result in expensive exercises to correct them. Careless and poor construction methods can result in a phenomenon known as thermal bridging that may seem trivial but can have quite an impact on the thermal performance of your building.   Thermal

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