It’s pasted all over the energy efficiency world that in this modern age LED’s are the way to go but does anyone go into detail about this technology? Let’s look further into this design and see what we can discover.

LED’s can have a lifespan of up to around 20 years and are becoming more affordable and available on the market today. They are continually advancing this technology and are available in many different deisgns and sizes, you can even control some models with your smart phone. LED’s are even capable of exhibiting a colour range so ensuring you pick the right colour for its use is important.

Considering LED bulbs are more expensive upfront than other types of bulbs they have a much longer lifepsan and are cheaper to operate so you save long term. You won’t see significant savings on your electircity billbs unless you are replacing multiple incandescent bulbs throughout your home or office.

LED bulbs are not always compatible with dimming light systems, they can flicker, hmm or buzz through the duraiton of use even. So when purchasing a new LED bulb for a dimmer ensure its compatible or replace your dimming system with a leading edge dimmer.

LED bulbs are favourable as they don’t produce much heat as they have a heat sink at the bottom of the bulb but in hot temperatures or enclosed spaces they are known to fizzle out in a short period of time. Also, due to the heat sink some bulbs don’t like being installed on their side as the flutes in the heatsink won’t function efficiently.

Overall LED bulbs are the leading technology for energy efficient bulbs with greater advancements happening consistently. Any step towards energy efficiency, even if it’s just one bulb replacement, is helping our environment. So contact Energy Rating Perth today to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly assessors!