The energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth are always recommending ways to improve energy efficiency for our clients and homeowners. But what if we could tell you that it’s possible to make your home almost completely self-sustaining with the use of green technology. This is beneficial for your carbon footprint and your electricity bills.

Solar: Solar panels are greatly advancing in technology and becoming more and more common within the residential areas. You can find cost effective options that don’t break the bank balance and can be installed onto your home in no time. Consult with a reliable installation company today and do your research on the best options for your home.

Wind: When you think of wind turbines, you assume huge fields of windmills for large corporations. That’s not always the case, today this technology is available for your home too. The outlay for this option may be significant but long term it reaps benefits to your utility bills.

Geothermal: Although this option will not produce electricity, it will still benefit to the temperature control of your home. It absorbs the heat from the earth to provide free and limitless air into your house or warm water for your swimming pool. The cost for this technology is significant but the advancement of education on these forms of technologies is only going to increase in the coming years.

In summarising all of this information, there is nothing easier or more cost effective for energy efficiency then just being diligent. Following simple steps around the home to ensure you are using energy efficient options can make a difference to your home energy usage.

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