Lighting can make up to 20% of your electricity bills, so if you are using energy efficient materials it can make a dramatic change to your usage. Our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth recommend swapping from incandescent bulbs to LED will not only help the environment but it will help your bank account too.

In recent years they have changed the minimum efficiency standards so many regulations are changing for the bulb manufacturers. Older light bulb models are being made obsolete to make way for new productions to help with energy efficiency. There are many new options available on the market today like:

  • CFL’s use 75% less energy than traditional lightbulbs and last more than 7 years.
  • Energy efficient soft white is the same shape/size of a traditional lightbulb and uses 28% less energy.
  • LED’s use 75% less energy and will last up to 22 years.

Another positive fact is that CFL and LED bulbs can be recycled unlike your more traditional incandescent bulbs. Make the transition today and you’ll be saving your environment and electricity bills!

For more information on how to save energy around your home contact one of the friendly energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth today!