With terms like energy efficiency, sustainable living, green homes etc. becoming frequent words in our vocabulary, most of our readers rarely understand how easy it is for their buildings to achieve these. The face behind these words is that of an energy assessor.

An energy assessor is a professional who assesses residences and commercial buildings against a criteria of energy efficiency requirements from the BCA requirements, ensures that it is compliant and provides recommendation if it is not. There are many different kinds of energy assessors and the kind of energy assessor you will be dealing with is dependent on the type of development you are proposing and in turn the king of energy assessment that is being conducted. For instance, if you are proposing a new home, you will have to comply with the requirements of a 6 Star Energy Rating Assessment or 5 Star in case of a commercial development. For such an assessment, you will have to employ either a NatHERS qualified energy assessor or one that is well versed with the NatHERS scheme. However, for a smaller development, the development need not comply with the 6 star energy rating requirement, you can have an energy assessor complete a DTS or Section J Assessment (in case of a commercial development). For these assessments, the energy assessor does not need to be certified but should have familiarised themselves with the NCC requirements through an induction course and should be a professional from the building industry i.e. architect, civil engineer, building designer etc.  It is important to know what assessment applies to your property, you may need to contact one our energy assessor at Energy Rating Perth to confirm which assessment is best for you.

We want our readers to understand that conducting an energy assessment for your development is not just a requirement from the building codes, it is a way to build a sustainable building that:

At Energy Rating Perth, our team of energy assessors and building designers are dedicated to helping your building perform better. By understanding your home’s environment, the specific climatic conditions that are affecting its performance and your target thermal comfort an energy assessor will consider the overall impact of all of these while maximizing energy conservation. Contact our experienced Energy Assessors at Energy Rating Perth today to assess your building’s design and provide you with a home that will making savings for you in the future so you don’t have to!