Not only is energy efficiency assessed within the home but also your workplace or office. You spend just as much time at your workplace as you do your home during the week if you work traditional hours. Follow these guidelines recommended by our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth below to ensure you’re saving in all environments around you:

  1. As always, that air conditioner tends to eat up a lot of the energy bill. Make sure you are turning it off when not needed and if possible, allocating it to only the areas needed.
  2. Do you really need that air conditioner on the lowest temperature possible? Try turning the temperature setting up 3 degrees to help the electricity bill and the environment.
  3. As mentioned in some of our previous blogs, lighting can take up 20% of the electricity bill. Turn off any unnecessary lights and don’t keep them running over any period when the office isn’t being utilised.
  4. Further on from lighting, replace your older model incandescent bulbs with new energy efficient bulbs. There’s plenty available on the market today!
  5. Ensuring taps and faucets aren’t leaking causing water inefficiency. Make sure they have adequate seals so you’re not wasting your money.
  6. Throughout the year you’re running your air conditioning and heating all day, every day so having it serviced yearly is a must. Keep it maintained and save!

For more information on how to save energy around your office contact one of the friendly energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth today on 6114 9356.