How to correct and prevent Air Infiltration and leakages:

On our Energy Rating website we have spoken numerous times about air infiltration and leakages and how to detect them. Our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth are always urging our clients to not take air infiltration lightly and detect it early especially if you have just moved into a new home. Once it is

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How to choose the best energy efficient appliances

Today at Energy Rating Perth, we are looking into how to choose the best energy saving appliance. Just because it’s better for the bank account, doesn’t mean it’s better for our environment and the electric bills. Over time, the cost to run an appliance may not be worth skimping on a few dollars when first

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Can the type of flooring you choose improve the energy efficiency of your home?

When we complete a 6 Star energy rating assessment for our clients at Energy Rating Perth, our energy assessors go further and give recommendations on the building envelope and what materials will help improve thermal performance to our energy consumption conscious client.   The floor is a part of the building envelope and different floor

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The future of Renewable Solar Energy for homes in Australia

While many of our clients today at Energy Rating Perth wish to reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bills, they are moving towards renewable energy sources like solar panels. It may be an expensive initial investment but our clients at Energy Rating Perth are usually placated by the fact that the government provides them

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Energy efficiency tips for the office

Not only is energy efficiency assessed within the home but also your workplace or office. You spend just as much time at your workplace as you do your home during the week if you work traditional hours. Follow these guidelines recommended by our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth below to ensure you’re saving in all

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In the past Amazon has been known for their efforts towards the environment as they have invested a lot of company time and resources towards wind turbine energy production. Now, Amazon have gone green by installing solar panels to 15 of their warehouses. In the future, they aim towards a bigger and better environment by

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Solar Cost

The team at Energy Rating Perth are looking into the question: “Is solar really worth it?” Solar power has made a huge advancement in recent years with 1.5 million homes in Australia already having a solar power PV system. Many industry professionals say Solar power is the future. In the previous 4 years, studies have

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