Today at Energy Rating Perth, we are looking into how to choose the best energy saving appliance. Just because it’s better for the bank account, doesn’t mean it’s better for our environment and the electric bills. Over time, the cost to run an appliance may not be worth skimping on a few dollars when first purchased.

Firstly, we must calculate the life time cost by multiplying the yearly running cost by the intended life span you intend for the product, considering majority of appliances have an approximated life span of 8-10 years (upfront cost x (annual running cost x 10) = life time cost of appliance).

Considering the star rating is your next step. The more stars, the more energy efficient the product is and take into account that each star can save you dramatically on your electricity and water bills.

Next is the size or load capacity of the appliance. If you have a family, consider a larger machine. Although it may be more upfront cost, they are far more efficient per unit of electricity consumed so more cost effective for larger loads and can also save some time too.

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