The team at Energy Rating Perth are looking into the question: “Is solar really worth it?” Solar power has made a huge advancement in recent years with 1.5 million homes in Australia already having a solar power PV system. Many industry professionals say Solar power is the future. In the previous 4 years, studies have shown a cost reduction for installation of about 25-30%, therefore making it even more affordable to save money long term!

Installation cost is only one of the influences that impact how well your solar system performs in terms of value of money with other factors such as available sunlight, panel placement, energy consumed by the home and your electricity retailer coming into play. Some recent studies show that on average a 3W system on a standard home, considering there are many other assumptions and influences on individual properties, has an estimated payback period of 2.5-3 years with an average saving of $1000-$2000 per year on utility bills to follow.

These figures are only proposed to be suggestive, but it does provide a little insight in the positive factors of solar energy installation in the family home. Contact Energy Rating Perth for more information of your energy efficiency needs today!