At Energy Rating Perth, we aim to educate our clients on small errors that may result in expensive exercises to correct them. Careless and poor construction methods can result in a phenomenon known as thermal bridging that may seem trivial but can have quite an impact on the thermal performance of your building.


Thermal bridging is heat transfer from a conditioned space into its surroundings due to materials that have a low thermal resistance. This ends up in an overall reduction of the thermal performance of the building. For instance, if a window assembly has aluminium frame in which the inner frame touches the external frame. Since aluminium is a conductor of heat as compared to the glazing, it will heat up rapidly from the exterior heat, the heat will be gained by the internal frame and in turn the internal environment. Similarly thermal bridging can occur for materials when there are air leakage due to improper sealing or inadequate installation of insulation can cause the air to be linked to the outside hence creating a thermal bridge.


Our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth can give recommendations on how to avoid thermal bridging such as suggesting the use of either treated aluminium, have an air gap/insulation between the frames or avoid aluminium frames altogether or introduce a thermal break. Other suggestions include ensuring proper sealing and installation of materials. Contact us today!