On our Energy Rating website we have spoken numerous times about air infiltration and leakages and how to detect them. Our energy assessors at Energy Rating Perth are always urging our clients to not take air infiltration lightly and detect it early especially if you have just moved into a new home. Once it is detected, it is vital to correct it at your earliest to avoid a negative effect on the thermal performance of your home.


The following measures can be taken to eradicate air infiltration from your home:


  1. Ensure proper sealing of doors and windows that leak air through caulks and weather-strips of the best quality installed by a professional.
  2. The points where plumbing, ducting or electrical wiring comes through the walls/floors/ceilings/soffits etc. need to caulked and sealed.
  3. If there are dirty spots in your insulation, inspect them for mold or air leaks. If there are leaks, they must be sealed with a low-expansion foam.
  4. Install house flashing if it is not already there.
  5. If needed, install foam gaskets being switch plates and wall outlets.
  6. Cover single-glazed windows especially if timber framed with storm windows or use a more efficient assembly like double-pane low-e windows that can be well sealed.
  7. If you do not wish to change the window type, then a foam sealant may be used to seal larger gaps around the windows.
  8. A foam sealant can also be used on the underside of floorboards if accessible to ensure the gaps are well sealed.
  9. When exhaust fans are not in use, ensure they are covered.
  10. Ensure dryer vents are not blocked.
  11. When the fireplace is not in use, ensure the flue damper is tightly closed.
  12. Use a fire-resistance sealant (such as furnace cement caulk, sheet metal or sheetrock) around fireplace, chimneys, water heaters, furnaces etc.


At Energy Rating Perth we always inform our clients that even if your home has been given a 6 Star Energy Rating, it may not be providing the best thermal performance that it is capable of due to air infiltration.  Taking the steps stated above can ensure that your otherwise energy efficient home can continue to function on full efficiency. Eradicating air infiltration guarantees that no losses are made to the environment nor are there any unnecessary gains maintaining indoor thermal comfort.

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